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More than a consultant. Abraca is a long-term team member, working closely with or in the board or management team. We aim to create an ecosystem that can together strive for shared missions. 

Shared mission:

Uniting different actors across sectors through creative actions and strategy work



Måndag is a creative change agency specialised in impactful sustainability and human rights cases. The company aims to build bridges between between public and private sector and spark change in locations where it's most urgently needed. The main services are transition- and brand strategies as well as creative concepts and launches. Clients include public funds, foundations and organisations as well as private companies in different sizes from corporations to smaller players. 

Abraca's founder Anna did a half a year CEO-period at Måndag in 2022, restructuring the company and raising an investment round. Currently Abraca is developing Måndag's board work, internal structures and service offering. Abraca has also invested in Måndag. During our first year together, we reached the "Wild Growth": Significant revenue growth with high profitability and increased team satisfaction and impact as business.

Sunchase - Business Plan.png

SUNCHASE by Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois |

Sunchase is a creative production company of a new, united era. Through creative storytelling, Sunchase provides an opportunity to create connections and build bridges between oneself, the people around and the surrounding environment. Sunchase hosts projects and production of design and fashion, photographic and written media publications as well as art projects and publications. Clients and collaborations include Agnes B., Universal, Sony, Olivia Klein, Frantsila, Aalto University, i-D, Madame Figaro and Design Museums in Helsinki and Paris.

In summer 2023, Abraca put together a business plan for Sunchase, aligning all activities under the same core and building structures that help Sunchase start scaling the business.

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Content Corner is a creative agency specialising in influencer marketing that is founded by influencers themselves. The pioneers who have been at the forefront of creating the influencer marketing industry in Finland, joined their forces to create an office that serves both influencers, audiences and clients with authenticity and transparency.

Our collaboration started with business plan work in spring 2023. After that, Abraca has helped Content Corner develop their unique shareholder strategy.

Shared mission:

Driving change for more ethical and ecological fashion industry



Almada offers high-quality knitwear crafted from durable natural materials with transparent and affordable pricing. The label was founded by two fashion influencer professionals, Alexa Dagmar and Linda Juhola, in 2020 and has reached historically fast and profitable international growth with a lean business model.

Abraca strated working with Almada in 2021. The first step was building a business plan based on the holistic Ecosystem Growth Model. After that, we have done internationalisation projects and raised Business Finland fundings for them.



FRENN is a menswear brand that combines old-fashioned good quality and versatility with circularity. The products are made to repair and recycle. For several years, FRENN has been chosen as the most sustainable Finnish clothing brand in Eetti Ry:s research.

We've built the Ecosystem Business Plan for FRENN and update it together on a regular basis. Crystallising the concept lead the brand back to its roots to the "USE - REPAIR - RECYCLE" ideology that was part of the passion behind founding the company. Abraca works as an active strategy partner with FRENN's board and operative management.


Lilja the Label |

Lilja the Label is a sustainable swimwear brand focusing on high-quality pieces made of recycled or natural fibres. Lilja supports ethical and slow fashion while growing fast with extremely effective online presence.

Building the business plan together helped us clarify the competitive advantages for Lilja and to understand how to grow supported by the whole ecosystem around the company - especially the customer community. Together we've built a pre-order strategy for a lean production model and planned the "Lilja Picking" concept that challenges the community to pick trash from their local beaches. After our strategy work, Lilja got the Business Finland Tempo funding. Together we've also raised an investment round that brought three e-commerce growth professionals as active partners for Lilja's next growth steps.

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Lovia |

Lovia is a direct-to-consumer brand turning leftover materials into design accessories with full transparency. Lovia is striving to create a modern circular economy that knows no waste, only resources that go around in the endless cycle of life

Abraca raised a half a million investment round with well known entrepreneurs (such as Oura founders) and influencers (such as Mimmit Sijoittaa, Meeri Koutaniemi and Ina Mikkola) for Lovia in 2021 and managed the Lovia board work for one year. 

Sunchase - Business Plan.png

SUNCHASE brand |

Sunchase brand is a forerunner of Holistic Street Couture. Design born in a state of creative freedom, made with love by skilled Indian craftswomen from ethical and ecological materials - Sunchase leads the way to a holistic fashion revolution. We believe that clothes made with these principles carry the highest and most elevating energy, bringing true joy to the ones who wear them.

Sunchase was launched in 2023 and immediately got media's attention. In summer 2023, Abraca put together a business plan for Sunchase production house, including the fashion brand.


Moi Namaste |

Moi Namaste is creating a force of change on the fashion industry through creating empowering designs for individuals and offering the full ethical production value chain for designers. Combining the best of both worlds, Moi Namaste's aim is to make the Finnish welfare state perks and traditional Indian craftsmanship meet. This can be done through creating a scalable model that uplifts artisans by focusing on both their wealth and well-being. The vision is to impact 100,000 artisans by 2030 and start a global movement with this example, that sparks a structural change on the industry.

In the summer of 2023, we did a strategy retreat to create a business plan for Moi Namaste. In this process, we focused on innovating the "as-a-sercvice" production value chain for other designers. We are now continuing the work together to build the right formats and tools for managing and scaling the business.

Shared mission:

Boosting the holistic well-being of individuals


Joogit |

Joogit is a digital yoga community and media that inspires people towards holistic wellbeing through accessible practices. The goal is to make yoga a tool for the well-being of the mainstream, especially the people who have difficulties with movement and self-care.

Together we have built Joogit's business plan and crystallised the business core. Soon we will be taking more growth steps together.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 14.44.28.png

Ecstatic Breathwork |

Ecstatic breathwork is a type of breathing technique that involves controlled, rhythmic breathing patterns to increase oxygenation and induce altered states of consciousness. The Ecstatic Breathwork provides a link between the physical and emotional world through a unique breathing and music concept. These workshops encourage people to shake their systems and let loose from the default mode to deepen the experience of simply being and breathing together. 

In summer 2023, we crystallised the core for this new business.

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