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Co-founder as a service

More than an external consultant, Abraca is a holistic business partner for ​companies who want to grow wildly. You create, we frame.

Are you a founder or business leader?

Unleash the wild growth


We're on a mission to make the business world a part of a healthy nature. To make that happen, we have created a holistic business design innovation, the Wild Growth Model©. It guides balanced growth by ensuring that all parts of the business are correctly interlinked and that resources circulate optimally through four elements of natural growth:



"The seed"

An organic seed is charged with five growth dimensions: A tree will grow vertically up towards the sky and down below the ground, spread its branches and roots horizontally while constantly keeping it's core still. In this model, we switch the traditional linear growth thinking in business to the organic 5D logic.


"Light, air, water and soil"

Clear goals boost growth like the sunlight does to a plant. Planning and executing tangible actions act like a soil, supporting the growth towards the goals. Business KPI's represent the element of nourishing water, as the energy flows where attention goes. And as a tree turns CO2 into oxygen from the air, your business can turn someone's problems into new solutions. Recognizing and activating these elements will start the growth organically.



"The organism from roots to leaves"

The internal parts from back-end to front-end are referred to a tree to help understand, interlink and balance each operative action. Resources (roots), Governance (trunk), Channels (branches), Branding and communication (leaves), Sales and marketing (flowers), Products and services (fruit) and Scaling (seeds) create a whole that is aligned to keep you and your business healthy and stress-free.


"External interactors"

To spread wider to new areas, a species needs support from its ecosystem. The same applies for a business. In this section we make sure that it is surrounded by the right stakeholders. We finish the holistic business design by mapping the best suitable market areas, how to reach symbiotic partners and target groups as well as differentiate from competitors.



Strategy has no value without implementation. Let's do it together! We offer tools, knowledge and hands to turn your holistic business design into reality. We also do public and private funding rounds and own investments in our client companies.

Combining the business design and long-term partnership with implementation, our model has helped clients with

  • Fast revenue growth

  • Increasing profitability and share value

  • Inspiring working culture

  • Increased impact as business

Growth developer

We can take a manager or consultant position. Our strategists both plan and implement growth projects together with you - that's why we call them developers.

Operative associate

New structures need systematic implementation. Get extra hands on the operative level and with maintaining the tools and systems built for you.

Management tools

Administrative tools and formats that work for you. Literally: With a customised toolkit for managing, optimising and agreeing, you save a resources for chilling, creating and growing.

Board professional

Our board structure supports the wild growth model. We can take a board or advisor role position to actively update growth goals and share the weight on founder's shoulders.

Wild Growth Model
Business Design


We love businesses that are willing to commit to healthy growth, ethical stakeholder relationships and positive societal or environmental impact. During the two years, we have worked with 10+ companies on four different industries.

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Average NPS


Average client review


The ecosystem level of thinking about Abraca's framework is the main reason why I reached out. As a person, I believe in the interconnectedness of us all. However, in business, I was struggling to articulate how to create holistic growth for the entire ecosystem and my beneficiaries. The business plan framework has been very helpful in understanding this interconnectedness and set foundations for a healthy and maybe, even wild growth!

- Pukhraj Ranjan, Founder of Moi Namaste

About us


Anna Sofia Abrahamsson

Founder, CEO

Anna has a background in impact entrepreneurship and working as the CEO in growth firms that need restructuring and new fuel for growth.

Facing and experiencing the common business challenges that hinder holistically healthy growth got her to seek answers from well-functioning ecosystems. Diving deep into the world of natural growth, combined with a passion for circular economy, creative arts and holistic wellbeing, gave the spark for Abraca's Wild Growth Model.

7x | Transparency & circular economy pioneer brand Lovia's growth during a 3 year CEO period

10 %+ | Creative change agency Måndag’s profitability with over 50 % growth rate after a financial restructuring

1M+ € | Raised private investments

9 | Public fundings

Anna holds a B.Sc. in Economics and is currently updating her academic business knowledge at a Stanford executive education.

Ilana Klimscheffskij
Growth developer and operative associate

Ilana has background in business development and ESG consulting, and strong knowledge on ESG reporting and various frameworks considering sustainability in business. She is finalizing her Master’s degree in Strategic Management in a Changing World, focusing on sustainable strategy work and organizational management.

Tom Anderzén
Chair, expert

After spending over 30 years leading business development, digitalization and corporate strategy activities in big multinational companies Tom realized two fundamental elements of success in businesses: the importance of values in everything we do and the need for every company, big and small, to crystalize their core right to exist. Today he is driving these elements into action through board and advisor roles in growth firms.

Marco Mäkinen
Board, expert

Marco is a strategist with extensive experience in brand strategy, communications, vision, purpose and ESG. He works as he CSO and partner at TBWA\Helsinki, and as a board member at Cloud2, Ellun Kanat, Hankintakumppanit and Yliopiston apteekki. He is the author of 6 books on brand strategy, storytelling, growth, and the cooperation between startups and corporations.

Lumi Maunuvaara
Growth developer

Lumi is a highly-driven ex-founder with M.Sc. in Biomaterial Engineering, who built her latest brand from nothing to an exit. She has a strong technical background in product and material sustainability. Lumi has worked with multiple consumer brands.

Our team is growing

Onboarding new wild growth experts

We are now onboarding strategists and board professionals from different locations. If you are an experienced entrepreneur / business leader and want to work effectively with growth firms from your field of expertise, we should chat. Abraca's tools are designed to work regardless of the business industry.


These places invite you to get inspired. Ask for options to book our place for your private team workshops as well. 

We also operate online and internationally, so don't hesitate to contact us if you can't visit us here.

The Skyrocket​



Our new office offers the Abraca experience in the heart of Helsinki. 

Step inside this skyrocket and imagine where you want to take your business. Now you are in charge of the vehicle that gets you as far as you dare to go.


After creating the big visions, we can have a wrap-up session in the sauna. We love to end our workshops in deep relaxation. 

Villa Villi​



This is the place for unforgettable strategy retreats. Let the wild nature awaken your imagination while we do creative workshops in the forest, garden, sauna and terraces.


In this corner office chair, the sky with millions of shining stars is the only limit. "I am thankful that you took me to your beautiful space - - I have to say it really helped to step out of the city and reimagine futures."


The cottage and extra cabins fit max 12 people in summer and 5 in spring and autumn. 

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