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Unlocking wild growth for impact businesses

Let's make the ecosystem work for you.

Abraca is a new holistic strategy & funding partner for growth firms. We're on a mission to integrate nature's laws into the business world through "ecosystem thinking". We rethink business development, referring organisations to healthy organisms. When you operate from a healthy core and support the whole ecosystem with your actions, it starts supporting you. 



Maximizing circular economy

Minimizing wasted resources



Maximizing creative freedom with clear structures

Minimizing unhealthy working habits




Maximizing cumulative value growth

Minimizing and optimizing costs


We do consulting and work as an active member of the board and management team for growth firms, taking care of strategic design, business development and funding. 


01 Setting the plan

The starting point is to build a business plan where each section is linked together in order to enable fast scaling in a healthy way. Abraca's Ecosystem Growth Model combines wild intelligence with strong strategy expertise.

Funding option (in Finland): Business Finland innovation voucher


02 Building the structures


With a clear draft in our hands, it is easy to start forming the masterpiece. Abraca becomes a part of your team, activating board and management work and building personalised tools for scaling your business.

Funding option (in Finland): BF Tempo/ ELY Development Grant


03 Scaling the business

Abraca works as your strategy and investment partner all the way until the first exit. We are building an international network of expertise and developing innovative holistic management structures to open the path for your wild growth. 

Funding option: Abraca & other private investors + specific state funding and loan options


Business design

Strategy retreats and workshops based on Abraca's Ecosystem Growth Model. Crystallising your mission to the center of your business and building scalable innovations around it.


Joining the board and/or management team officially or consultatively and developing the business together towards the set goals.


Offering effective frameworks and administrative tools that work for you. Literally. With a customized toolkit for managing, optimizing and scaling, you save a lot of resources for chilling, creating and growing.


Together we can reach and engage the right people and businesses to your ecosystem. Building investment rounds and recruiting professionals together.


Reviews of the Ecosystem Growth Model

The ecosystem level of thinking about Abraca's framework is the main reason why I reached out. As a person, I believe in the interconnectedness of us all. However, in business, I was struggling to articulate how to create holistic growth for the entire ecosystem and my beneficiaries. The business plan framework has been very helpful in understanding this interconnectedness and set foundations for a healthy and maybe, even wild growth!

- Pukhraj Ranjan, Founder of Moi Namaste

Working with Anna was great, therapeutic even! Anna's questions, essence and the whole workshop setup made the deepest ideas to come up really easily. I got much more than I had expected.

- Veera Ylikotila, Founder of Home of Xera (launching soon)

I have never seen anything so clear, efficient and yet tailored to the needs of each business and entrepreneur.
- A strong recommendation for entrepreneurs who want to grow with their business and still live a life that looks like themselves." 

- Marco Mäkinen, Strategy Director and Expert / TBWA


Average client review


Average net promotor score



For passionate entrepreneurs who want to turn their vocation into an impactful and quickly scaling business. If you have a business that is meaningful for the ecosystem we live in and the courage to let it grow, we will find a strategist near you to join your team with relevant skillset, networks and tools to make it happen.

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Fill in this quick questionnaire to get started. We'll get back to you soon and draft an innovation voucher application for you (in case your company is applicable for that).

Anna Sofia Abrahamsson


Passion for art and craftsmanship marks the way I work. For me, a strategic process starts from getting a clear the vision of the whole - seeing the big picture and its essence. Then it is about sculpting away any hinders and creating a model where it can flourish.

My entrepreneurial career started during the first year of studying economics. I got 
a broad view of the strartup scene through my first own startup, a second hand e-commerce, and when living and working in San Francisco.


During my 3 CEO years at Lovia, a sustainable design accessory brand, it became a recognised circular economy and transparency pioneer, featured in medias like WGSN and the New York Times. I built the company a D2C business model with transparent pricing and we reached over 7x growth and raised 1M € in investments.


Understanding how hard it is to combine fast and holistically healthy growth with the traditional laws of business, made me study the laws of natural growth from many perspectives. I noticed that there's a huge need for "wild intelligence" in the business world and founded Abraca. When you operate from a healthy core and respect the entire ecosystem, it starts supporting you. That's how you can grow "wildly" without any waste of resources. 

Ilana CV.jpeg

Ilana Klimscheffskij


Ilana has background in Business Development and ESG Consulting, and strong knowledge on ESG reporting and various frameworks considering sustainability in business. She is finalizing her Master’s degree in Strategic Management in a Changing World, focusing on sustainable strategy work and organizational management.


Onboarding new wild growth partners

We are now onboarding strategists from different locations. If you are an experienced entrepreneur with business background and want to work effectively with startups/scaleups on your field of expertise, we should chat. Abraca's model is designed so that you can build a portfolio of companies based on how much you want to give this work time and effort.


These places invite you to get inspired. Ask for options to book our place for your private team workshops as well. 

We also operate internationally, so don't hesitate to contact us if you can't visit us here.


Villa Villi



This is the place for unforgettable strategy retreats. Let the wild nature awaken your imagination while we do creative workshops in the forest, garden, sauna and terraces.


In this corner office chair, the sky with millions of shining stars is the only limit. "I am thankful that you took me to your beautiful space - - I have to say it really helped to step out of the city and reimagine futures."


The cottage and extra cabins fit max 12 people in summer and 5 in spring and autumn. 


The Skyrocket



Our new office offers the Abraca experience in the heart of Helsinki city centre

Sit inside this skyrocket and imagine where you want to take your business. Now you are in charge of the vehicle that gets you as far as you dare to go.


After creating the big visions, we can have a wrap-up session in the sauna. We love to end our workshops in deep relaxation. 

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