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Business Plan: The Ecosystem Growth Model

Päivitetty: 20. huhtik.

Abraca's Ecosystem Growth Model is a strategy innovation based in "Wild Intelligence". The starting point is to build a business plan where each section is linked together in order to enable fast scaling in a holisticly healthy way. This model is designed to harness the whole ecosystem around your company to support the growth.

Each part is built based on direct references to natural laws of growth. The Business Plan model is build in four workshops together with our strategist who offers expertise and best practises for optimising each section. This model makes it possible for you to measure and lead your growth from a holistically healthy perspective.

Every part is build around a strong core to create a robust yet agile structure that enables value-based growth. The Organisation part represents back- and front-end elements of your company. Referring to a living organism, we can tie all these together as one whole. In the External section we create a clear understanding of the ecosystem surrounding your organisation and how to make it help the growth.

After the first three sections, we build a clear growth strategy and action plan that gives the company and its leaders simple steps to follow towards strong and organic scaling - the "wild growth".

During the first year, the Ecosystem model has been feautured in several medias and strategy literature and received 5/5 rating from clients.

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