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Investment rounds and investing

Päivitetty: 20. huhtik.

Your company needs love, not just money. That's why Abraca is rethinking the private investing.

  • Through the Ecosystem Growth Model, investments can be directed to boosting healthy growth instead of building a bubble on an unhealthy core

  • We start by creating a clear plan on how the investment is used and when it will pay back

  • Finding the right investors is a delicate process. We're looking for matches who share the same passion and are willing to make the big visions come true together.

Abraca's founder has executed six private investment rounds with +1M € raised funding and raised public fundings for seven companies. Anna is known for creative investment round set-ups even in tough market situations. Abraca also makes own investments in client companies to become an active strategy partner until the first exit.

  • Angel investments

  • Convertible loans

  • Partnership investments

+ Broad investor network

Image from article: Fashion Finland - Lovialle puolen miljoonan euron rahoitus – tukijoukoissa seitsemän vaikuttajaa ja tunnettuja yrittäjiä

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